A World of Collage: Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome has some interesting styles. His website features his digital works, including videos and pictures of his collages. He uses all kinds of different media (including remote controls) to create his pieces. His works are expressive and entrancing, showing parts of the world that you might not see if they were still attached to their original context.

From the video “Stop Playing in My Face,” 2016

When I was first researching Newsome, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. I pulled up his website and (on mute) skipped around the first video that showed up. Of course, after doing a little more research, I decided to play the video all the way through and listen to the content. And it was so strange and beautiful. The people standing on the stage were using expressions of frustration, annoyance, disappointment, and anger that I have never seen in such a detached, controlled environment. The faces and gestures of the performers reflected exactly what their sounds meant, and its gradual amplification was hypnotizing.

After watching this performance, I started to really understand and enjoy the rest of Newsome’s works. His representation of life and contextualization of his works stuck with me. His works are something incredibly genuine and artistic in a way that’s both complex and easy to understand — once you unmute the video.

A still from the “King of Arms” collage, 2013

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