Animation and Illusion: Takeshi Murata

Jogger (Yellow), 2014

Takeshi Murata creates 3D sculptures and video art, focusing on illusions, distortions, and storytelling. His works are colorful and sometimes surreal in their composition. His use of old movie clips or images within his painted or video-based art gives his works a little familiarity alongside a sense of eeriness.

Deep Blue, 2012

I got lost in looking at Murata’s art pretty quickly. It’s easy to understand without much sifting through explanations and has a wide enough variety to keep interested in the search. The melting sculpture, in particular, was wild to watch. It didn’t really feel like it made sense, but I couldn’t figure out how it worked just by watching it play. Is it spinning? Does it just move on its own? Who knows?

Melter 3D, 2014

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