Audio and Photography: Christian Marclay

White Cube, 2014-2015

Christian Marclay focuses mainly on visual imagery of time and recreating sound. His works are often multilevel, from DJing to splicing together photos and videos. Exhibits like Cigarettes (2016) and The Clock (2010) use imagery to show the passage of time. A series of images show the development of a smoked or abandoned cigarette found on the street, and thousands of video clips literally progress throughout all 24 hours of the day. Other works, like White Cube (2014-2015), show sound visually.

I liked Marclay’s work. They didn’t take too much time or effort to understand, so it was easy to appreciate the pieces. The amount of work done behind each piece isn’t lost in its presentation, either. I can’t imagine the dedication it must have taken to put together a 24 hour, minute-by-minute show made entirely of movie clips, yet I think I’d be one of the people at the show, trying to watch as much of it as possible. Works like these express a sense of creativity and uniqueness that are interesting but not difficult to appreciate in its fullest.

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