Floating Signs: Matt Siber’s Works

Yellow/Gray and Red/Green, 2015

While looking up Matt Siber, I found that most of his work revolves around highways and the objects you would find around them. From steel girders to signs against the road, he took what he found and touched it with a hint of surrealism. The signs now float, the steel is a stoplight, the gas station is only a shelter.

Cheese, 2006

I love art made of industrial materials and styles, so these works hit home with me pretty quickly. Siber takes it to the next level by removing some parts or another to recreate a new vision with the same materials. The Red/Green sculptures imitate traffic lights without hanging from a wire, the Cheese sign hangs ominously in the sky, telling you what you need to know without the support of its home object. The Lighted Shelter is a little world that smells like gas despite it looking entirely clean. I love the detached world that Siber makes in his art.

Lighted Shelter, 2015

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