Motion Pictures of All Kinds: Jodie Mack

Rad Plaid, 2010

Jodie Mack is an artist who combines collage, animation, and music to create a colorful world. Her art is mostly light and fluid, her images rushing across the video. The music is entrancing and sometimes eerie, but it always accompanies bright images.

Persian Pickles, 2012

I really enjoyed looking at Mack’s work. While some pieces, likeĀ Persian Pickles, don’t have much to do with stories or easily digestible music, likeĀ Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World, they hold an artistic value that separates them from storytelling. Still, the story-based videos should not be dismissed, since they were definitely my favorites when watching her videos.

Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World, 2010

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