Moving Up and Down: Marco Brambilla

Civilization (MEGAPLEX), 2008

Marco Brambilla’s work mainly consists of video art, complete with hundreds of video clips and a slow, swirling, constant movement throughout each piece. Its soundtracks have just as slow and drawing a movement as the videos. His videos consist of series intended for elevators and large-scale displays like Times Square.

POWER, 2010

These works were mesmerizing and even a little confusing at times, but throughout watching them, I found myself already wanting to rewatch them, or pause them, just to understand what is happening throughout the constant, fluid motions. So many things are going on at once in any given moment throughout the movies, it’s hard to watch it on a flat little screen. This is one of the kinds of work I’d like to see in its entirety, just so I have more time and space to absorb what is coming out of it.

Countdown (Apollo XVIII), 2015

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