Seeing Double: Kelli Connell

Alright, 2008-2010

Kelli Connell’s work features photographed models posing multiple times in the same image. The two characters in the scene usually juxtapose and often interact with one another, despite being the same person.

These works are interesting to see, partially because they bring back old memories and partially due to their intended nature. Connell’s work is intended to question people’s gender, sexuality, and roles in daily life. At first glance, the same model can look completely different from themselves within a photo. But looking closer, we see that person’s face, hair, eyes, and everything else are all the same.

Reverie, 2005-2006

Identity is something people struggle with constantly, so photos like Reverie┬áhave a real impact on the viewer. Which of the two identities would we rather be, overall or in that given moment? These decisions are constantly shaping our self-image. It’s hard to capture it as seamlessly as ┬áthese photos do.

Window Shopping, 2005-2006

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