Technology is a Colorful Thing: Jason Salavon

Automatic Pattern for You, 2016

Jason Salavon’s work relies heavily on computations and algorithms, but each study, from a list of names to a series of computer-generated images, becomes a unique artistic form.  Most of what he does takes popular or common images or words and compiles them into lists, videos, overlaying images, and diptychs.

#31760 from Golem (map), 2014

The images I found most interesting were from the Golem (map), a series of abstract paintings created out of a computer program. The results of Salavon’s program look exactly like the painting they intend to imitate. Had I seen any of these in a gallery, I wouldn’t have thought twice before assuming someone had painted them.  Salavon’s works just show how much computer programs and digital art have come.

Good and Evil ’12, 2012

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