The BAMF: Evan Roth

No Original Research, 2014

Evan Roth works almost entirely digitally, pulling information from the internet and making it into its own world. From Wikipedia to video, Roth’s works show the internet in a more tangible and entertaining way. His works are also primarily online, which makes it much easier to view and understand (and his website is pleasantly comprehensive).

Internet Landscapes: Sydney, 2016

Roth’s works were ones where I had to deviate from his website and do some research to understand what I was looking at. I found more interesting pieces that way, such as his driverless Google car video and his Internet Landscapes series. Some of his works, like the car video, are much more entertaining than artistic, while others, like the landscapes series, are more beautiful and interesting. His works overall manage to capture the internet’s character fairly well in terms of humor, aesthetic, and intrigue. Roth shows what kinds of things can come out of fostering the internet world.

Self Portrait: November 24, 2015 (2015)

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