A Mission for Beauty: Final Project

Final Project

This project ended up taking 16 hours, 300 sticky notes, and a whole lot of scanning to complete. Every GIF was hand-drawn, no panels were reused, and the overall development of the project took a lot more effort than I had initially assumed. I documented my progress in a couple of previous posts, but I hadn’t written anything since the start of the drawing process and the project’s completion.

I wrote out the story in four hours.


I drew the GIFs in seven hours. 2016-12-15-01-22-59

I scanned and edited the GIFs in four hours.


I added the GIFs to the story and did a final proofread in one hour.


Sixteen hours later, I’m finally done. There are 19 possible endings, each with a corresponding GIF. See if you can find them all!

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