Final Project Story Update

The website will have pages leading into each option available in the Choose Your Own Adventure story, but for writing purposes, it is being written in Inklewriter. Each important event throughout the story will have a corresponding GIF of 20-30 frames. The story will be written out underneath each GIF, and then the following options will be in the form of links.

As the story stands, two hours have been devoted to writing it. I will have to cut out much of what happens within the written version in order to condense it for the sake of time, but both versions will be available for people to enjoy.

Here is the current unfinished story.

Exciting update! I can embed GIFs into Inklewriter, so I don’t have to build pages, which will save a lot of time. I will have to rethink how I use the GIFs, though, if the story remains as broad as it is.

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