GIF it Up: Final Project Update

If I make a GIF for every ending (and one GIF for the introduction), then I will have to make a total of 20 GIFs for this project. On the bright side, it took one hour to draw out three of the GIFs, which means all GIFs will be done in roughly 7 hours’ worth of work. I already spent 4 hours writing the story and one hour revising it, so with this projected time, everything from writing to drawing will be complete in 12 hours. That gives me plenty of time to scan, upload, and review the project without going over the 15 hour minimum.


In case this work goes under 15 hours, I might implement some sort of promotional GIF story to place alongside the link. It’ll be something more elaborate than simple movements and stick figures so it takes up more time in the long run. I had planned on doing something like this for my pitch, but I ended up just starting on the story instead; I figured a promotional GIF would be a little over the top, but maybe it’s just what I need to wrap up the project. We’ll see where it goes!

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